First Wave Ska From A Third Wave Ska Band

First Wave Ska From A Third Wave Ska Band

spotlight Go Jimmy Go

One of the biggest draw bands  on the Honolulu night scene is “Go Jimmy Go”. A long running band that plays old school original reggae ska.

Go Jimmy Go began in 1996 when “3rd wave ska” was reaching its peak in popularity. Larry Gordon and Cameron Wright met up at a club called “The Vibe” on ska night and with a few other friends, decided to start up a band.

While the band has seen many players come and go throughout the years they’ve been together, the core group consisted of Larry Gordon on alto sax and vocals, Cameron Wright on bass guitar, Eric White on tenor sax, Ian Ashley on guitar and Tyson Balmores on drums.  Founder Gordon left in 1998 and was replaced by Jason Friedmann taking over lead vocals. The following year Balmores left the band and was replaced by Shon Gregory . 2009 Go Jimmy Go brought on board bass player Andrew McClellan who took over Wright’s position and Brandon Hutton who came in with Trombone and keys.

Despite the change in the roster the band did plenty of time in the recording studio releasing five albums from Moon Room Records. They are: “Slowtime”, “Holiday Hell Yeah”, “Soul Arrival”, self titled album, and “Fish Bowl Eyes”. They also recorded a track on Moon Room’s “Ska Is Dead” with their song “Don’t Stop Everything”.

The band just celebrated their 15th Anniversary with a show at “Anna O’Brien’s”.  You can catch them usually at any ska event as they have a huge following.