Honolulu punk style

GRLFRNDS. Talk about a band that just happened out of sheer willpower. 'GRLFRNDS,' after many incarnations, was just that. In 2009 the group decided to get together for the Battle of the Bands, which led to a hastily six-song original set that placed them on stage to open for Modest Mouse. The band took off from there and never looked back.

The band is led by Alex Kaiser, who has had the core group made up of Jake Achitoff, Eric Pecoraro, Nick Nickaros and Nick McCurdy. Each member has their own side projects but Kaiser has been focusing all of his attention on GRLFRNDS. 

They’ve had a long road in making their debut album Blank Pink Thrillwhich is available now on their bandcamp website. They’ve traveled back and forth to and from Los Angeles to get the album finished working with Manny Nieto (who produced HEALTH and The Breeders), and now after the release party they’ve been both selling and giving away the CD. It’s available as a digital album or CD format.

GRLFRNDS is an eclectic nervous mash of punk, new wave and pop. They take the influence to their sound from the likes of DEVO, the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, Joy Division and LCD Soundsystem. The band is currently writing out songs for their second album and they hope to be in the recording studio sometime this summer.

Because of their rabid approach to creating and playing music, they’ve carved a deep niche for themselves among the Honolulu downtown music scene.