Rock Gods of Oahu

Rock Gods of Oahu

Big Dawg: Hawaii's Favorite Classic Metal Band

Gone are the days of Arena Rock. Gone are the days of true headbanging, mullet-wearing fortitude. Power chords and Wa-Wa pedals have collected dust and blanketed with cobwebs.

NOT! Enter Hawaii’s favorite classic hard rockin’ sons: BIG DAWG!

Coming together from all corners of the United States, the boys have settled here in Honolulu to bring you the best of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, AC/DC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and so much more of your favorite classic heavy metal.

Each member brings his talent and experience to Big Dawg mixing together in one powerhouse show.

John “Woody” Andreoni : the heart beat of the group and founding member has been playing the drums since 1969. Woody’s resume reads with many cover bands, original bands and even a stint with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.

Brett Allen Wolfington-Floodman: didn’t hit the stage until he was 30 years old in southern California in 1991. Making his way to Oahu, he was soon thrust into the music scene after singing with Big Dawg during an open mic session. The rest, as they say is rock n’ roll history.

Ed Dysarz: former member of Aaronsrod, he’s had the pleasure of opening for Ratt and Judas Priest. Now he lays down the heavy bass lines for Big Dawg.

Ted Among: Born and bred local, he’s been playing the guitar since age 12. He’s performed in numerous bands and toured throughout Canada.

Since 1989 these veteran rockers have been blowing the roof off every venue. So whether it’s Zeppelin, Floyd, Lizzy or Rush, Big Dawg promises to be bangin’ your head to your favorite classic metal.