The Rodgers Family Legacy

The Rodgers Family Legacy

Beat in the Blood

It always a wish of a father to hand down a legacy to their sons. Some piece of themselves to leave with them as they grow. The legacy of music has been past down from one generation to another with the Rodgers family.

It all began with Merle “Buck” Rodgers who played for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. They were the first recording artists in the country music scene at the beginning of recorded music. Then his son Buck Rodgers started a band called “Bill Rodgers and the Heartbreakers” in High School. After a stint in the Navy he returned to music in Las Vegas with the “Allright Family Band”.

Buck is joined by his two sons Jai and Danny and they’ve created “BuckzBoyz”. Their sound is a bit reggae a bit Hawaiian. Some call it “Jawaiian”. No matter what you call their sound you’ll be entranced by the powerful horn section behind the reggae beats.

Buckz Boyz made their transition as “Breath of Fire” adding more to their roster and reaching a larger audience. With both original and cover tunes they also reach over into the pop market.

Breath of Fire is Jai Rodgers (vocals/guitar), Daniel Rodgers(vocals/drummer), Tim James Oliver(bass), Mark Silva (trumpet), Trevor (sax), Buck Rodgers(trombone), Rico Walsh (guitar), Holly Cone (ukulele/vocals) and Red Eagle (percussion).

They’ve just recently won championship at the Battle of the Bands for the 2011 Big Boy’s & MMA Hawaii Expo and the 2011 People’s Choice Hawaii Music Award.

From albums, television appearances, radio play, outdoor jams, and all the hot music spots, be sure to catch “Breath of Fire”.