Virgin Mary Taking The Island By Storm

Virgin Mary Taking The Island By Storm

local alternative (don't ever call it a girl) group

A fairly new group, the members of Virgin Mary are no stranger to music. They’ve been together since 2010 and since playing that first gig at The Pipeline, they’ve opened for Owl City and Everclear and have now finished recording their debut album “Ecstacy”.




Fronted by Denver native Marc Holyoak, he is backed by five very HOT and very talented women. They are local girl Alyssa Onaga on the drums, Brit Haynes on the guitar, Cassie Fillhart on the keyboards and vocals, and another local girl Daphne Morlan on the bass.

Marc describes their sound as “Weezer meets Psychedelic Beatles”. Everywhere this band has played they’ve gained momentum with a growing fan base.

Their songs are catchy and you’ll find yourself humming and singing their songs well after listening to their album or seeing their show.

One of their most popular songs is “Black Pearl” but I’m going to have to say I love, love, love “Favorite Songs”. It is very Beatlesque/Oasis and find myself singing this one. Already playing my guitar to it.


The band is currently working on new songs and a new album for release in 2012 and they also look forwards to touring in the next year. They’ve got a few gigs to finish out the year on December 23rd at 7pm at Hawaiian Brian’s and it’s an all age show; December 27th at 8:30pm they are playing an acoustic set at The Apartm3nt and that show is 21+. They finish up the year back at Hawaiian Brian’s on the 30th at 8pm and it is an all age show.